Magazines to follow for men fashion style

Magazines to follow for men fashion style

If anyone pitched the project about a menswear fashion magazine 40 years ago, they would have possibly been looked at as if they were crazy. But times have changed now for the better.

Nobody can deny that the men’s fashion market is on the rise. By no wonder, a whole new group of readers is demanding men’s fashion magazines to vent into future trends. Men`s fashion too has emerged as a notable industry, and surprisingly, even in this digital age, it is being spearheaded by a few prominent magazines.

Five magazines in particular, have changed the rules of the game people used to know. Here`s our take on how these magazines are contributing to the fashion industry, and why every man should follow them.  

1. Another Man Magazine

There’s a moment in which the layout of all fashion magazines looked like Another Man. Instead of getting complacent, the fabled must-buy magazine created in 2005, continues to define menswear. The fashion magazine provides a thorough knowledge of what`s getting by in the industry. It is for this reason, big names such as Richard Prince, JG Ballard, Tom Waits, and many others have been on the magazine’s pages.

2.    Dust Magazine

Dust was intended to explore the universe of youth in the context of the contemporary age. This is affirmed by Dust themselves. The very first issue was out in 2010, under the direction of Luca Guarini.

Even though it’s not a men’s magazine per se, the vision of the 21st-century man has been and continues to be most inspiring when it comes to what we can find in Dust’s newsstands and magazines.

3.    Hero 

Hero was developed back in 2009 by Fabien Kruszelnicki and James West. According to the founders, Hero is “Our antidote to the stuffy and over-thought cultural dryness that has gripped menswear publishing.”

The magazine’s focus is less risky than other publications, and it has effortlessly kept the sanity in the editorial jungle ever since its first inception. Hero aims to bring the surfer and skater aesthetics towards the 21st century’s elegance.

4.    King Kong Garçon

The early King Kong issue went out around 4 years ago with a bigger format than usual and sported vibrant and colorful aesthetics. Last year, they decided to launch a new King Kong Garçon focused only on men’s fashion.

They released it big, with eight covers and a diverse pool of people like Kenneth Anger, Diplo, Marilyn Manson, and Cole Sprouse. In the magazine’s second issue, their Summer one, people saw Slowthai and C. Tangana along with their famous fashion editorials.

There’s nothing better than this magazine’s imagery for understanding 21st-century masculinity and how they’re mutating their codes.

5.    Fucking Young!

The name says it all. Youth is this magazine’s primary focus, but the approach is closer to the title’s adverb’s meaning. It implies a sense of irreverence, open-minded point of view and urgency, that doesn’t conform to the classic menswear vision. If you want to follow male aesthetics, there’s nothing better than the pages of Fucking Young!